'Designer for a Day' 8 Hour Package

$1697.85 USD

"Designer For a Day" services provides you with expert guidance from us, your Interior Design Partner. Allow us to assist you with parts of the project that you may find especially overwhelming and to help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Services in our 8 hour time blocks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Communicating with Clients or Trades

  • Floor plans and layout ideas

  • Guidance for kitchen, bath, laundry room or mudroom designs

  • Sourcing of items and selection of finishes and furnishings

  • Selecting paint colors

With our expertise and knowledge, you can feel confident knowing that you have us by your side to assist you in choosing some of the most important key elements for your design project.

What specific selections can you help us with?

We can assist you in choosing finishes for all areas of your home, including both interiors and exteriors. This service can include your kitchen, bathrooms, main living spaces, bedrooms, front foyer, mudroom, laundry room and basement.

Here is a list with more specific details:

• Siding, garage doors, stone, entry and patio doors

• Flooring options, such as: hardwood, engineered

hardwood, tile and carpeting

• Wall Tiles and Stone for fireplaces or feature walls

• Backsplash & Grout recommendations

• Countertops

• Doors, windows, trim, crown molding and baseboards

• Millwork details

• Cabinetry finish, color, style and hardware

• Lighting, such as: pendants, sconces, chandeliers and table/floor lamps

• Paint colors for walls, ceiling and trim

• Plumbing fixtures, such as: faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs and shower controls

• All decorative elements and furniture, such as: case goods, sofas, chairs, ottomans, dining room tables/chairs, items for your office, window treatments, upholstery, area rugs, accessories etc.

In addition, we provide you with a Project Workbook, in which you can keep all of your project notes, files, receipts and other important information all together in one place. This workbook Is a great tool to keep you organized and on track with your project.

What can we accomplish during our time together? Are we together for the full 8 hours?

We can spend the day with you, sourcing from the various local Boone and Blowing Rock area suppliers and retailers to make the most efficient use of our time together. And if we are not able to find what you need locally, we can suggest trusted retailers which would allow you to order what you are looking for.

Alternatively, and what we find to be the most productive, is for us to initially source items on our own for 2 – 3 hours. Then, we meet with you, either that same day, or within that week, at local showrooms or retailers to present our selections.

This way, we are able to maximize our time by showing you only the very best selections based on our discussions about your style and budget from the initial design consultation questionnaire. Plus, if there is anything we need to alter, we can easily do so right there in the showrooms. It is a real time saver that often allows us the opportunity to head to another showroom if needed. Or, you can take the samples back on site to view them in your space.

What are your terms for payment? May we hire you for more than one day if needed?

The fee for the 'Designer for a Day' 8 hour Package is $1,697./85 (Inclusive of all fees). We require 100% payment up-front through our online system, which will then allow you to confirm your booking in our schedule. Our site is secured, and all transactions are handled through a secured third party vendor. We never see or retain your credit card information.

While we always strive to be the most efficient with our time; depending on the size of your project, your specific needs and how swift you are at making decisions; should we not be able to finish your project in the alloted time, you may wish to hire our services for another day. That is no problem!

We can definitely book and plan the agenda for a second (or 3rd, 4th…) day, or another consultation meeting to ensure you feel confident in all the decisions you need to make in the renovating or decorating process. Depending on the time required, we can offer 2, 3 or 4 hour packages at $175/hour. Or, should you wish to retain our services to work as your Project Design Consultant, handling all facets of the design process, we will each sign a new contract outlining these design services. There is generally not a need for another initial meeting, unless we are looking at a completely different project. Of course, this is dependent on the factors already listed above.

We are excited! How do we get started?

Next steps:

  • Outline and confirm the scope of work for your project, Scope of Work attached
  • Review and sign our contract to ensure you understand our process
  • Collect payment
  • Schedule our next appointment to commence services

Contact Information:

Phone/Fax: 828.773.0332 (o) | 877.746-7185 (f)

Email: eric@rysinteriors.com Website: www.rysinteriors.com

Opening Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 9:30 - 4:30 Fridays by Appointment

Emails and messages received outside of these hours will be returned the next business day. Texting of design decisions are not allowed, as per the contract.